Deck Railing Denver

People in the Denver area can build beautiful decks and patios with environmentally kind materials without sacrificing the high style and durability we all want. Composite decking and railing material is a giant step up from the ho-hum PVC railing choices. At Custom Decks Denver, we want to be your trusted local decking company and provide you with the designs and installation services necessary to give you a dream deck or patio using Earth friendly materials.

Deck Railing

Whenever you have a deck or patio space that is above ground and may present a falling hazard, railings are required for safety if they are above 30 inches. That required railing can be boring, but effective, or it can be stylish, durable, and effective. There will not be that much difference in cost. We offer both traditional wooden deck railing and railing made from a recycled composite material. Railings and posts made of composite material are durable and luxurious when installed. The decking and railing material is made with recycled milk bottles and recycled wood and sawdust. This material can be recycled yet again when the railings or decking is replaced.

Composite deck railings and posts come in seven beautiful colors and the posts and railings are interchangeable so that customers can mix and match them to create unique railing systems for decks and patio areas. Railings and posts can be used to surround yards, make stairways safer, and border any area. The railing choices include both aluminum and composite materials. Our Transcend, Reveal, and Select lines of railings use both aluminum and composite materials. Whether you’re looking for a wooden railing or composite railing, Custom Decks in Denver can help you design the perfect system using the components from our collections.

We offer four main railing styles:

  • The Transcend line of railings is known for its high style and durability
  • Fortress style railing is a sharp edged look that carries a lot of strength
  • The Reveal Railing group has a minimalist style with superior strength and high functionality
  • Select railings are streamlined and simple for a classic style mixed with strength and durability

When the posts and railings from the three style groups are mixed and matched, countless design possibilities can be achieved. Both aluminum and composite material are very durable and impervious to the elements and temperature changes. These materials are low maintenance and easy to clean. They will resist rust, drying out, cracking and dry rot when treated properly. When paired with composite decking, the homeowner will have an outdoor living space meant for enjoyment not scraping and sanding and refinishing. Composite products can stand up to hard use year after year while maintaining their new look and feel. The only visible wear might be a slight fading over time, much like wood mellowing.

Other Products

An outdoor living space is made up of more than decking and railings. The surrounding landscape must be addressed with trees, plantings, paths, lighting, and so on. Other components that may be needed are deck framing and drainage components, outdoor lighting choices, outdoor furniture for seating and eating, pergolas, and outdoor storage units, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and barbecues or outdoor kitchens. The decking and railings are the foundation for outdoor enjoyment with the seating, lighting, and other elements adding to the experience. For more information, call us today.

The Benefit of Experience

When homeowners look for a company to design and build decks, they look for one that is trusted by their neighbors and friends. To earn this trust, a deck builder must provide superior service. Only the most experienced companies are able to impress their customers so much they’re happy to refer their friends. Cost is also typically an important factor when embarking on a large home project like this. The designers at Custom Decks Inc. can give you a complimentary initial estimate so you can plan your budget for your new deck. You might just be surprised by how affordable adding a beautiful deck to your home can be.

Because of the commitment to make every customer satisfied, our work is guaranteed. Our deck builders have years of experience building all different sizes and styles of outdoor living spaces. You won’t have to limit your deck to the options in a builder’s portfolio. Your only limit is the available space and your imagination. If you want a feature that you don’t think will fit within your property limits, talk to the designer. It’s possible there are ways to fit in that feature into the design. Simply ask to see the before and after images of some of our work or ask for references and drive around to get an up-close look at some of the decks we’ve created